Kate, Not So Great

I miss her.  I miss her, so, so much.  Princess Diana, the woman who lit up the room.  Every time I see Kate, I think about what Diana would have worn.  Sometimes, I look through all of my old books about Diana.  One day I might plunk out some money for one of her iconic knitted sweaters.  Such as the black sheep, the alpaca, koala bear or the one above.  These sweaters were known as the, "Royal Sweaters."  At times a whole bunch of them will come out at once, over and over again.  I put the following quote up on the inside door, of my 11th grade locker, from the above sweater, "I'm a luxury few can afford."  In other words, "Don't hit on me unless you make $12.50 an hour you, 17 year old, you."  Ahahaha.  My mother and Diana may have bumped into each other on the streets of London, as they both lived in proximity to one another.  

This last trip that Kate and William took to Australia, really made me miss Diana.  Maybe we'll always be in Diana withdrawals.  She wasn't perfect, and none of us are, but she held us captive.  Of course, she died in the age of mystery, and that was a part of her allure, but I miss her.

I don't think Kate is the fashion trailblazer that Diana was.  With Diana it was always new and fresh, cute and approachable.  Kate didn't have any great fashion moments.  Diana had us looking up and down, she held us.  I'm not expecting Kate to be Diana, but I do think the style stakes could be upped a bit more.

Kate Middleton and Prince William posed in front of Ayers Rock at the end of day 15 [AP]

Hollow, empty, makes me miss Di.  This whole ensemble makes me ache for Diana. We are given nothing, nothing but "safe."  What about this?  A wide electric blue waistband belt around that dress, opposite on the color wheel of the Ayers rock.  Hair half up in a Mohawk braid, with the sapphire earrings.  Mixing old with new, and in tribute to the late Diana.  The shoes can be black sandal boots, Gladiator style.  Give us something Kate, make us feel connected.  She leaves us empty, Diana never left us empty.  One could almost say that Diana invested in her audience, and they therefore were very invested in her.

Favourite: The Duchess wore an Alexander McQueen cornflower blue coat dress, with navy suede shoes in Blenheim at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

Like this one.  Yeah, the plane scenario between the two of them was a cute, but again, "SIGH!"  This is a great opportunity to wear the Royal brooches.  One on each shoulder, not right on top, but facing you, maybe a cluster on each.  They need to be worn in an un-conventional sort of way, fresh and new.  Heels need to be red, with a red and white polka dot sole.  Why?  Because it is in homage to Rosie the Riveter, and a retro pattern.  The hair can have a plain ribbon red headband.  But no, it is nothing, the outfit just says, "I went to the store and picked out a coat."  Pout, pout, I miss Di. 

Vibrant: Kate wore a sheath style blue and white dress from LK Bennett for her arrival in Brisbane

Like this?  What is this?  It looks like it came out of a Sears catalogue, eeeeuuueeww.  I mean Sears is nice, but not for a Royal tour.  Hot pink clutch, fold over in leather to start.  Give those flowers a bit of edge.  A Royal jewel bracelet, so that people can feel connected to the Royal family.  The shoes need to be white, but with a certain design.  I'm mixed about a fascinator at this point, but with the bracelet I have in mind and the design, the audience won't be left hungry.  Preferably, what we want to do here is use the Royal jewels that have been worn in the past, by other Royals.  You know you get 2nd and 3rd generation coming to these events, and they want to feel connected to the generations before them.

Rugby attire: Kate changed into skinny jeans, a pastel Jonathan Saunders knit and Mint Velvet plimsolls
Daily Mail

No Kate, no, no, no.  No connection again.  Wear a collegiate sweatshirt, or the Field Hockey team sweatshirt for Great Britain.  Represent!  But yet, they don't.  Wear a St.Andrew's sweatshirt, you are coming up on your third year anniversary.  This sweater needs to leave the premises.  Form an emotional connection with the audience, this sweater does not do that.

Easter Sunday: Kate wore a stunning dove grey Alexander McQueen coat dress to a service at St Andrew¿s Cathedral

Did Camilla pick this out?  Because it looks like Camilla picked this out.  Those outfits should be for Camilla.  Ugh.  This needs to be a totally different outfit.  While were here, the Royal Jewels need to be brought out, I would go with light pink shoes.  A clutch with Victorian roses, and those roses intertwined in the hat.  Trust me, it would look good.  I'm thinking the Redoute roses and Carolina Herrera. 

Doting mum: Kate wore a now sold out £390 black and white Tory Burch knitted dress and a £5,500 Cartier Ballon Bleu watch for a play date with George

Okay here we are at playgroup.  This outfit is all wrong.  Flats ..........in a baby blue, George is still a baby, and the flats will be in tribute to his babyhood.  Black floodwaters with a medium cuff, coming out and mother of pearl buttons.  A t-shirt with a sweater, and hair in a headband.  Maybe a little bit of Audrey Hepburn.  Again, she gives us nothing.

Bright: In Waikato Kate wore the $3,000 green wool-crepe coat dress by Turkish-English label Erdem which William disapproved of

Okay, this coat can go places........it can leave and lift.  For now the plane is stalled, the coat went nowhere.  Black and white striped clutch, with an amazing hat.  Hair back into a bun, and I'm thinking a Royal choker, we'll see.  

Kate Middleton & Prince William Open Cancer Unit

I remember this visit.  Whenever Diana went to a hospital she wore something that would take the child's mind off of all the pain, not look like the wall of a hospital.  I suspect that they're both trying to reflect austerity, but end up blending in with the wall of a hospital.  William could have put a cartoonish tie on, and then donated it to the hospital.  Kate needed to wear a beautiful butterfly print dress, turquoise and purple with a Royal necklace and shoes with one big butterfly on each.  These kids will talk about this visit for the rest of their lives.  They will try to color pictures, and they want something interesting to color.  Look like a princess to them, the girls want to tell you how they love your clothes, and the boys want to laugh at the tie.  William and Kate are on very tight boundaries as to what they can and can't talk about, connection needs to be formed with clothing too.

I know these are financially hard times for people and that the Royals don't want to flaunt all of their jewels, or seem like clotheshorses, but they could bring in a stylist to up the ante just a bit more.  The audience needs to be acknowledged through the clothing.  It isn't Will or Kate's fault, and it doesn't reflect poorly on them, but the public relations part of this is important.  The survival of the monarchy needs all of these little things.  We may find in time, there is an audience, that becomes just as captivated with her as they were with Diana.  People want to see a Princess, give them that.

When Diana used to go visit children in the hospital, she would look glamorous and dress up in bright colors, knowing that the kids would like those bright colors.  I took a page out of Di's playbook before I left to see Anne-Louise at the hospital, and I'll never forget it as long as I live.  I wasn't supposed to go and see her, but when I did she looked like Chump out of the Goonies, all swollen up.  I'll never forget walking in and having the wind knocked out of me.  However, the most magical thing happened,  Anne-Louise's mangled face lit-up and the first thing she said to me was, "Mom I love those earrings, look at those earrings!"  I picked them out, they were colorful, beaded, the kind of thing a kid would like, something Diana might wear.  I took them off and Anne-Louise held them and kept putting them on and off of me.  I still have them, they need some repair work, but taking a page out of Di's fashion plate really helped.  And it always woos an audience, no matter what state they may be in.


I was really happy to see that the hem lines were lowered and weights put in at the bottom of the seams for Kate's clothing of the Australia tour.  We do not want any dresses or skirts flying up, or any mid-thigh showing.   All of the clothing flaps, make Kate more vulnerable.  Kate also carries the weight of a great history behind her, all of it.  It needs to be carried, in a modern and modest way. 

  Girls who do dress immodestly show the limited amount of education throughout the generations.  It's because there hasn't been a high amount of education throughout the generations, and that particular brain may find stimulation through bad sexual attention.  This particular brain wasn't formed to feel stimulated by Shakespeare or Liszt.  Instead the brain has to find stimulation through lower means, such as attention through immodest clothing.  That's why education is so important, it "broadens the mind" and the girl can then see the world for more than getting attention through bad clothing.  

Countries with a high sexualization of women or a culture of, "womanizing" are often more likely to experience a higher rate of economic poverty.  The men like the attention the woman gets, and the women have not seen or experienced a bigger world.  The women are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, and therefore are powerless to stop the corruption in their own communities or government.  The only thing they have going for them is their looks.  Caitlin Flanagan's book Girl Land talks about all of that.  One could almost say that the economic upheaval that has happened in so many of these countries, is in direct correlation with a powerless culture of women.

My mother has noticed that the low-cut jeans and tank tops with spaghetti straps are out, and the more modest clothing is in.  In the world of side boobs and tank tops, we are seeing a "Return to Modesty."  Sexy does not mean you are dressed like a meal ticket, but it does not mean that you should look like a frump either.  One of my mother's colleagues said it perfectly, "The lower the IQ, the lower the top." 
Diana is stunning in houndstooth as she and William attend church in Sandringham. via StyleList
Nobody can ever replace Diana, but it would be nice if there were just a bit more of the Royal touch, make it special for the audience.  The more an audience feels a connection to an outfit, the greater the investment that individual will feel towards the Royal family.  And that my friends, means survival for the Monarchy.

Ban Bossy

 There is a great new campaign out there, and you should know about it.  BAN BOSSY. 


  My mom is putting posters up all over her classroom right now.

She's calling on her girls more in class.  Usually girls don't voice their opinion because being opinionated is not a desirable attribute by society's standard, but that can change.  Her desirable attributes aren't only in her bra size.

If our girls are going to be one day raising sons and daughters, than they too need to teach them to lead. 

Girls have normally been taught to be oppressive, because it looks nicer, and they are valued for being nice.  That's a wrong value system.  We value them for standing up and doing the right thing, not for trying to control the feelings around them.  They are capable of taking responsibility for all of the wrong they do and all of the right they do, let the image fall, let all of it go.  Women have been taught to "protect" which may seem right, but can actually go the wrong way.  Women usually don't do the right thing because they are trying to protect something or someone they love, therefore they feel justified.  Now here comes my little Mormon slant.
Women of God can never be like women of the world.
You can be tough and tender.  What may look tender can actually be cruel.  You can be coarse and kind.  One can do a lot of evil in the name of "Good Works."  You can even be rude and refined.  It is rude to stand by and not do the right thing.  Because the only thing you do is weaken your own family, and enable the wrong person.  You can have fame, fortune and be faithful.  The size of your bank account is not an indicator of how faithful you are.  You can be greedy and good.  Is is good to want to work and build, therefore you can stabilize your own family, and bless the lives of others.  You can be virtuous and be vain.  An embrace of femininity is vain.  One has to take care of themselves, but in doing so, you celebrate virtue.  You can be pure and popular.  When you are pure, you will attract the crowd that will rise to your standards, and that can become pretty popular.  If you become popular, it should be for the right thing, not to become enslaved to the jewel of popularity, both inside and outside the church.  The temptaion works both ways.

simple wedding gown ... Cap sleeved a-line wedding dress... Chiffon sheer ... Rustic glamorous, country elegance, shabby chic, vintage, whimsical, boho, best day ever

My mother has had an especiallly hard time getting the Mormon girls to speak up.  One day she pulled one girl aside and asked her why she talked in a "toddler voice".  The girl replied, "But Ms. Olsen, you know who my father is, and he told me if I talked like that I would scare all of the boys off and no one would want to marry me."  The sad thing is she said it in the same toddler voice.  My mom knows the well-known and connected "role-model" family.  The girl is welcome to excel at a sport, but if she crosses the line of opinion, she'll un-nerve the men around her who pretend to be so tough.

What if we had said to Michael Jordan:  Don't be so strong!  Quit wanting it so bad!  You're being a bully, bossy or a b***h.  What if we had said those things?  So why do we say it to our girls, when they have an opinion?  Why is it okay if they silently play a sport but remain on the sidelines when it comes to controversial leadership? 
Nobody says to the president, a male role thus far, "Stop making the economy work so well.  Is is really hurting our feelings."  Nobody devalues that job.

Martha Stewart Headshot
When Martha Stewart does a good job, she is openly criticized.  Why?  Both the White House and keeping your own home intact are important.  We shouldn't devalue the role of the woman ever, no matter what she chooses
I want all of my children to know that I love what I do.  My days are never a blur. I don't find them hard, boring, lonely or unfulfilledThis is the best kind of work there is, the most important kind of work.  

I want my son to marry a girl who will challenge him every step of the way, not just hang out, be cool, be friends and marry him when marriage is convenient for him.  I want someone who will make him feel uncomfortable and call him on his wrongs and not enable him.  

Strong women mean strong households.  The strength of a nation is in each household.

  I say Ban Bossy!

Calligraphy Quotes

When my mom was growing up, her mother Pearl Marie would stick a quote or two up in her room.  Usually from a philosopher or poet my mother was really into.  My mother learned calligraphy at an early age.  Over the years she would write out quotes that she particularly liked.  My grandmother wanted to have a whole gallery wall of them, a collection really.

 This is the only one that was framed before she died and was always hung on a wall of ours growing up.
 When my mom came back to teach, her old highschool teacher still had a quote she gave him.  Yes, she teaches where she went to highschool.  When he retired he gave it back to her and I popped it in a frame.
 This is all that we have of the imagined Gallery Wall.  Right now my mom is working on a file folder of quotes in different sizes for each grandkid.  None of the quotes will be done on paper in unusual sizes though, as I want them to be easy to pop into a frame. However I don't want them all looking the same. 

I also pinned some really great Canadian quotes.  Liana, Laura K., Kristy and I would be stuck at the 
bus stop on freezing cold days.  The drives down Sarcee were unforgettable.
They say it's because some parents drop their kids off anyway because they have to go to work. If no one was there, the student could freeze to death. Is the problem the School or the Parent?
 Happy Friday!

Road to Avonlea Revival

If you're wondering where I've been, it's called basically having no internet and then being locked out of all of my accounts.  I noticed that my internet had really started to slow down for about two weeks.  The cable guy came by to hook everything back up again and then asked to use my computer.  This locked me out of all my accounts and I just had to stay away from everything for about a week, as I was only met as an intruder, nice.  Pinterest was the hardest to log back onto.  Which was actually kinda' scary.  The last time this happened my husband went and changed all of my passwords on me about two years ago, just because he thought they were not congruent!  However, I was extremely sick with bronchitis (Feb-April 2012), because of the Utah inversion, and he became in charge of the tech end and wanted to fix things too.  But to be honest, he was only trying to listen to me through my constant hacking and reading off of my to-do list.  The cable guy and I had an amazing political discussion too, which kind of made this recent password fiasco all worth it.  Some things just make me a little testy, if you can't tell.  Don't mess with my laptop people, I like being organized.


    Every Sunday night I sit down and update our family blog.  It's a nice little ritual for me.  Some people ask me if I'll do Instagram, instead of keeping a family blog.  The simple answer is "no."  I like to make mine look like a book with pictures that I can personally scan, plus I'm not exactly comfortable showing my family that much, in such a fashion.  Maybe I will start showing you all of my hot yoga moves on Instagram and Twitter like Hilaria Baldwin, hey? 

These are my journals from growing up.  They chronicle; crushes, fears, family, friends, travels and so forth.  Note the yellow one with some mold on it's pages, that's my Norman Rockwell one.  My mother had a flood, however I was able to salvage the thing.  I'm a real believer in journal keeping.  Now that I have daughter's of my own, they look through my old journals and laugh.  They're also interested in what it was like growing up in Canada.  All of them tease about my Canadian accent.  They'll ask me to say: about, out, bag and about every other word on the planet.  Anne-Louise will turn to Charlotte and all four will chime together, giggle and remark, "Hear it!  Hear it!  Do you hear the way she says it?!"  However, there is one piece of Canada that I am adamant about my children knowing, what my husband gave me for Christmas.  It is about the best Christmas gift I have ever been given, of course he did some sleuthing with family members to find out what I would really want, but this?! I did not expect these DVD's.

The full and complete Road to Avonlea DVD set.  My journal entries talk about watching this show growing up.  Every Sunday night both CBC and ABC aired the show for years.  It was my absolute favorite/favourite growing up.  I truly believe the best presents are the ones where you make memories.  Now every Sunday night we watch the show with a bowl of popcorn.  Richard and Behr go watch something else.  Behr has zero interest.  Not only is he a little young, but his male brain is just not biologically geared towards such female matters.  He likes to watch his hockey and baseball.

 Here we're watching the first episode.  I recognize all of the Canadian last names; Stanley, McLeod, King.  I also put my Pinterest quotes up everywhere around the house for about two weeks, that's one of the quotes you see on the TV there.  I actually forgot how cheesy this show was, but at the same time a real comfort show.  Anne-Louise is pictured here and she is currently losing her teeth left right and center.

It's perfect as they're all of that American Girl age.  This show captures that sort of genre.  Here's Adele watching the second episode.  My craft room and the downstairs main have wood paneling, just in case you're wondering.  Every Sunday night at 6 p.m. this is what were doing, the girls and I.  You can catch a sale on the DVD's from time to time, I also have the soundtrack and poster that came with the package.  

 For Christmas Charlotte was given the same journal I had when I was her age.  Now she journals about Road to Avonlea every Sunday night, just like I did when I was that age in the same grade.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Time to start a Pinterest on Road to Avonlea.