The Sickert Room

When I first saw this picture, my first thought was, "Whoa!  The Royal family has balls!  Holy dang!"  I mean, my eyes quite literally popped out of my head.  Do you see what I see?  No, not the men in their dapper suits or the women in their day coats, or Bonnie Prince George.  No, I spy - a Sickert!

Prince George Christening, Official Portrait

Ever since Patricia Cornwall has named Walter Sickert as Jack the Ripper, rumor/rumour has it the Royal family has taken the attitude of, "Definitely not! Couldn't be!"  And, of course, "There is no way in bloody hell we'll ever accept that!"  This picture just proves those rumours to be true.  As they are the owners of some of Walter Sickert's paintings.  Behind Prince Charles there is a painting of George V and his race manager.  The painting is named; A Conversation at Aintree, 1927-1930 and sits in the Morning Room of St. James' Palace.  When I saw this, I knew that their rejection of Sickert being the killer must be true.  But if not him, than who?

The new Ripper is Aaron Kosminski.  A Polish Jew living in London at the time.  I really believe it was him, especially based on the new evidence.  However, it can be argued that the greatest evidence is in the pattern of behaviour/behavior, a form of DNA unto itself.  When the police had cause to lock Aaron Kosminski up in the insane asylum, the murders stopped.  That right there to me is very strong evidence.  Sickert lived on, and the murders stopped.  Murderers just don't stop, especially in the heinous fashion these women were killed.  Which begs the question:  What was Sickert doing writing all of those letters to the newspaper?  My guess is that he was trying to keep the case going and highlight the conditions these women worked in, maybe?  I suspect Aaron was disguised as a woman, therefore he had a shawl on.  This has been proposed before, that the killer was disguised as a woman.  Whatever the case it is good to see that this is a cold case that will not die.  And that the hunt for Jack the Ripper will always continue.

 This is  a room I've made on my Olioboard based on the Sickert painting that has been highlighted today.  However, this living room is a sort of office where detectives would work on cracking the case.  The palladium bookshelf would hold all sorts of artifacts.  Palladium was a style that was very popular in Victorian England.  This room is a mix of 19th century furnishings and touchings and the modern world of DNA.  Everything here is done in that style.  For the roof and floor I would have a dark hardwood.  Note the pillows, appropriate for the case that is being worked on.  I would have the Sickert surrounded by modern art.  The tufting on the chairs represents that time period too, as tufting was popular back then.  Everything is a nod to Jack the Ripper or DNA.  All of it is symbolic.  The medical chart doesn't look so creepy either.  The wire bulb lights are like something you would find in the back alley of a Ripper alleyway or industrial complex.  The palladium mirrors represent looking into the past.  A molecule coffee table with white roses on it no less, a case that is constantly resurrected.  A basket for leisurely reading, baskets were common of the poor women who lived in the East End back then.  A bird cage, enormously popular at the time, even among the poor.  Maybe this Sickert business isn't so scary after all.


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