Gettysburg Baby

She made it through her first year.  Can one tire of photographing a cute little baby girl in the pumpkin patch?  I don't think so.  If she lives up to her baby blessing, we predict the office of the presidency for her.  Many have marveled at her super long fingers.  Celeste already has a father teaching her how to play volleyball.  Both her name and birth date are steeped in history.

Columbus Day is Canadian Thanksgiving.  I actually prefer this more proper and historic date.  Of course, the American one was more of a journey.  On the last night, before Columbus would set foot upon the New World, he looked up at the skies, and recorded in his journal, "For I could see the celestial stars."  This passage is one steeped in wonderment and beauty.  Columbus used the stars for navigation, but on this night he could feel the stars of the heavens guiding him.  Celeste Estelle Therese is a name that was inspired from this historic moment.  She is our Canadian Thanksgiving baby.  I've thought about celebrating her birthday on Columbus Day every year, we'll see.  We have designed a special star for her, and chosen a star for her.  There are lots of stars, don't worry we didn't take them all.

Celeste is my sixth baby, but my first one by scheduled and planned induction.  I could have chosen a day somewhere in the week before or the week after, but when I saw that she could be born on the day of the Gettysburg Address, I was happy to have a baby born on such an historic date.
When my grandfather Olsen was a little boy, he lived down the street from an old lady who once danced with Lincoln.  She still had her dance card signed by him!  Lincoln had held her hand, my grandfather had held hers, and when I held my grandfather's, I didn't feel so far away from president Lincoln.  After all, I was only separated from Lincoln by a few hand shakes and a hundred or so years.  When my same grandfather was a little boy he would watch the Veteran's of the Civil War, march or ride in a vehicle on Veteran's Day.  There are totally fake pictures of Lincoln wandering around.  I even pinned one of him with a ghost pack on, haha.  America is having a real Lincoln moment. 
I was born on the day the American Revolution started, April 19th.  Charlotte was born on the day of the Boston Massacre, March 5th.  You can watch a beautiful reading of the Gettysburg Address right here.  Watch out world, this girl has been chosen to make herstory. 


  1. Happy Birthday Celeste! What a special date to share!
    I had no idea you have Olsen linage. I am a Olson/Olson on my paternal grandmother side!

  2. Nice picture and very cute baby... Hope she could be one of them. Happy bday Celste and wish you good health.