Canada vs US Olympic Style

I am so excited for the 2014 Olympics!  One of my favorite parts is when all of the athletes walk into the stadium, wearing outfits that reflect the culture of their nation.

Team USA uniform

However, the above outfits, done by Ralph Lauren, were just terrible.  Especially, when the summertime athletes looked awkward, klutzy and hot.  Plus, they covered up their sculpted figures, instead of celebrating the art of the athleticism.  There was a lot of criticism and I stand with the criticism.  Could Ralph Lauren do better?

ralph lauren 2014 winter olympics team usa uniforms evan lysacek 01 Ralph Lauren   2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi: Team USA Uniforms
Ummmmmmm no.  
I don't know why he does this?  I feel like these are outfits where their mother's overdressed them at the age of 5, afraid that they would catch a cold.  Once again, there is no shape that celebrates the body.  And there doesn't seem to be any technology either, just some guy who walked into a ski shop, grabbed a bunch of stuff, and left.  Of course, I may be biased, being Canadian and everything;)  When the following outfits were shown, I knew they were pure perfection.

Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press
Drool worthy?  Yes!  I must say, I like the design that Hudson's Bay has done better than anything Root's.  You can look through the whole collection here.  Currently, I'm in love with this sweater.  Canada has a very clean and bold look, just like their flag.  
 The logos are the best part: polar bear, loon and beaver.  Vancouver put on the most stunning Olympics.  The Olympic 2014 Sochi clothing is the best yet.  Canada wins!   

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  1. Yes the Canadian gear is wonderful. I already picked up a few items, and looking forward to the games beginning!