NieNie's House

On August 3rd, this past summer, the kiddos Mumsy and me took a little trip down to Provo.  My aunt Celeste's mother had died and we all decided to go down and attend the funeral.  "Mama Morgan" had such a sweet spirit in her life that you could indeed feel that sweet spirit generate at her funeral.  Personally,my mom and I think it was the best funeral we had been to yet.  She was the mother of 13 kids and one of them was my aunt Celeste. The other picture is of my girls giving BYU creamery a little Red Light District treatment.  Here are Claire and Adele trying to get Charlotte to pull up her dress in the window for all the drivers to see.  Not BYU standards.  After this my mom wanted to go find NieNie's house.  We drove a little bit and just decided to randomly turn down a street.  We saw a woman walking up ahead by about  300 yards and decided to ask her if she knew who NieNie was and where her house was.  But guess who it turned out to be?
CJane!  Talk about perfect timing. My mother coaxed the instructions out of her by saying, "C'mon, I'm no pedophile."  Mumsy showed me where she used to live and the park she would run at during her days at BYU.
Then we found the NieNie house!  Anne-Louise jumped out and had her picture taken as she had met them already. 
This is the house I lived in as a little tot.  My father is a consumer protection lawyer  and graduated from BYU law school.  The infamous Lafferty brothers would bang on the door and ask my father for his legal advice.  They liked to hold me on their lap and play with them while my father spoke to them.  However, my dad knew they were extremists "with a few screws loose" and the Lafferty brothers even saw parking tickets as unconstitutional.  Years later this famous book would come out.
Their parent's lived down the street from the studio apartment.  The lilies still bloom there 30 years later.  My father would run into them about twenty years later in jail.  Having recognized him, they called him over and inquired, "How's Emily?"  Chills, chills.
This was the home of the Lafferty parent's.  My mom was really upset that they tried to link the nutso behavior of the boys to their father.  In the book their father was painted as domineering.  However, she knew them quite well and never saw any of that.  My mother did not agree with the book.  You can read her review of the book right here.
On the left facing you is my old church  and on the right is the old mansion.
This was my dad's old law office building.  Ironically, the same office is now occupied by Celeste's brother.  My father's name is on the building.  Heber Hurd was also a fellow Canadian. 
On the left is the old Provo tabernacle under construction to become the Provo temple after a fire.  My mother used to give walking tours of Provo and I would often request to go play inside the tabernacle.  I spent many a cold and snowy day inside the tabernacle.  On the right is the original and first old BYU.  I was born while my parent's were going to BYU.  When I was a little over two and my sister three days old my parent's would move up to Calgary.  And that is my little Provo tour.


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  3. Supercreepy indeed.

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